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Smooches 4 Pooches

Every February, we look forward to hosting Smooches 4 Pooches, Fitdog’s annual charity and adoption event. The event raises money for local rescue organizations through a Kissing Booth. Patrons have their photo taken with either their dog or...

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31 Days to a Happier, Healthier Dog

This past January, we hosted a 31-day challenge to a happier, healthier dog on our Fitdog Sports Instagram. The result was an easy-to-follow guide on simple, healthy habits and activities that enrich your dog's life. Here's the complete run-down...

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Bringing Your Dog on Vacation Checklist

Travel blogs make pet travel seem like an elegant breeze. The reality is, not all pets are suited for big journeys. There is so much to consider when bringing your dog on vacation. If you're considering taking your...

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Seven Brilliant Ways to Pay Tribute to your Dog

If there's one conclusion we've come to after all these years of running a doggy daycare, it's this: we don't deserve dogs. Dogs are our best friends, our wing(wo)men, and our cuddle buddies. They protect us, make us laugh,...

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Five essential dog winter products

For those of you living in colder climates, winter can be ruff for certain breeds. Though we aren't facing any extreme winter weather here in Santa Monica, we do gear up for early morning hikes five days a week and...

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