Meet Brecken - Our Inspiration

Our Story

After relocated to Los Angeles from New York City with our Jack Russell terrier, Brecken, we set out to find him a safe place to keep him happy and busy while we were working. We toured a number of facilities, but left disappointed, unable to find the right one. So, we decided to create a dog care facility that Brecken and his dog pals would love.

Our Company

We provide a safe, loving environment for dogs to play and socialize. Our staff is experienced and trained dog lovers who take pride in ensuring your dog is getting his mid day snack, lots of belly rubs or daily face wipes.

From our club happenings to report cards to taxi service, everything you need and more is at the Fitdog Club.


Take advantage of the LA lifestyle. Dogs go on Adventure Hikes and Beach Excursions to live their best life. Pick up and drop off is offered Westside, West LA, and Beverly Hills. Our Excursion Leaders are experienced, trained dog professionals to ensure your dog is safe while they are having fun.


From dog-only group classes to workshops to day training programs to private at-home sessions, find what you need here, at Fitdog. All of our dog training partners offer positive reinforcement (R+) training and are experienced and certified.