Beach Excursions

Off-leash dog beach excursions in Los Angeles

Level IV
Expert recall & advanced obedience
6+ months and spay & neutered
Shuttle included
If dropping off, dogs must be dropped off 45 minutes prior to class start.


At the beach, your dog gets to be free.

Dogs have the freedom to move and chose how they spend their time. They can swim in the ocean, dig in the sand, play fetch with friends, or just soak up the sunshine. We guarantee that your dog will be tired and happy when they come home.


We shuttle your dog from home (or our Santa Monica facility) to Huntington Dog Beach. This class is 2 hours including the trip to & from Huntington Dog Beach. Pick up and drop off times are listed at booking. We towel all dogs afterwards, but they may come back a little sandy and salty.



This is an off-leash activity with a Level 4 requirement. Dogs must have a solid training foundation and reliable recall. If you are unsure of your dog’s recall, sign them up for either an Assessment Hike or our Friday recall class. See below for general requirements of participation.

Dogs experience total (supervised) freedom.


  • Exercise: The beach provides a large open space for dogs to run, play, and swim. High intensity exercise improves cardiovascular health, strengthen muscles, and promotes overall fitness.


  • Mental Stimulation: Dogs love exploring new environments, and the beach offers plenty of new sights, sounds, and smells to discover.


  • Socialization: Beach outings provide an opportunity for dogs to interact with other well behaved dogs.  Socializing reduces the risk of behavioral issues like aggression or anxiety.


  • Relaxation: Being in nature reduces stress levels.


  • Fun: Most importantly, dogs simply love going to the beach! It’s a fun and exciting adventure that they can look forward to.


Whether you choose Beach Excursions or another class, adding enrichment and training activities to your dog’s schedule will boost their confidence and improve overall health and happiness.

Playa Vista
West LA
To ensure maximum safety and fun for your dog, please take note of the following requirements:
  • Fitdog assesses all dogs for good temperament and sociability.


  • Proof of immunizations for Rabies, DHPP, Bordetella, Canine Flu, and Lepto must be provided prior to your first class.


  • Dogs must wear a collar and tags at all times. If your dog doesn’t have one, we’ll provide a collar for $20 fee.


  • For van rides, we recommend that dogs have a well-fitted vehicle harness. If not, they’ll be secured by their collar.. Related: Safety Harnesses


  • Dogs must be at least 6 months old and spay/neutered.


Not sure if your dog is ready for group classes? Schedule a free consultation with one of our training partners.

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