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We’re looking for dog training partners in Los Angeles. We work with trainers to create sports and training programs that offer dogs a well rounded schedule of exercise, training and socialization. From agility classes to dog training and everything in between, we offer a diverse range of enrichment for all kinds of dogs.


Classes and training programs are dog-only and are offered Monday through Friday during the day and coordinated by our internal team. Our partners only use positive reinforcement methods.


As a training partner, you keep a flexible schedule, lead classes that speak to your expertise, and maintain contractor status. Our team covers scheduling, marketing, booking, automatic payments, account maintenance, and invoicing.

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Training Partner Benefits

Earn extra

Fill your day

Contractor based arrangement

Automatic billing, invoicing and payment

Leading the Pack

We are a small, fast-growing company looking to build our community of training partners.  Our goal is to provide holistic care for dogs so they can live their best life. We are also a bunch of animal lovers that wants to push the dog care industry into a new kind of daycare and enrichment model.


If you have a passion for working with animals and are a certified dog trainer in the Los Angeles area, we would love to meet you. Send us a message using the form above!