Fitdog Safety

Your dog's safety is our top priority

Working Together

We are safer when we work together as a community. Each of us plays a role in promoting a safe experience for our doggos.



Fitdog fully vets dog trainers by checking references and credentials. We also promote and share best practices and safety standards for classes for pet parents and dog trainers.


Partner Trainers

Every Partner Trainer uses R+ training techniques to build trusting relationships, improve confidence and for lasting results.


Dog Parents

We depend on dog parents to have open communication regarding behavioral concerns or illnesses. We also count on dog parents to maintain vaccines and properly outfit dogs for activities.





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Participation Requirements
Dogs must be at least 6 months old. We recommend large breed puppies refrain from high intensity activities (like hikes and luring) until 9 months and to consult your veterinarian.
We require proof of immunizations for Rabies, DHPP, Bordetella, Canine Flu, and Lepto prior to your first class. One of our team members will reach out to you if they are not already uploaded to your account.
Dogs are required to be spay/neutered after 6 months old. We understand that veterinarians have different recommendations based on breeds. However, for safety in group activities, we require spay/neuter after 6 months.
All dogs participating in group activities must be social and have a good temperament with both humans and dogs. We do not discriminate by breed.
Pick up & Drop-off Safety

To ensure maximum safety while we travel with your dog to and from classes, please take note of the following requirements:


Collars & Tags

Dogs must wear a collar and tags at all times. If your dog doesn’t have one, we’ll automatically provide a collar for a $20 fee.


Vehicle Harnesses

For van rides, dogs are secured by leashes in designated spots. We highly recommend that dogs come fitted with a vehicle harness.  Dogs not wearing a harness will be secured by their collar.

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Special Equipment

If your dog requires special equipment such as a muzzle, they must be wearing it at the time of pick up. Our Drivers are not permitted to put on or take off muzzles. We do not take dogs with prong collars, e-collars, bark collars or any aversive training tools.



Our team uses slip leads to safely move dogs from vehicles to classes as well as on hikes. For bulldogs or other dogs with thick necks, we recommend both a harness and a slip lead as they can maneuver themselves out of equipment.


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