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How home life affects dog’s behavior at daycare

Although it might seem strange, your home life affects your dog's behavior. And we see this play out every day among our Fitdog Members. For example, one of our regular Members was not his usual, cheerful self. He...

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3 reasons why less active dogs enjoy daycare

You might wonder if your laid back or people-orientated dog will enjoy daycare. Here are 3 reasons why less active pups not only like dog daycare but also thrive in it. 1. Social Engagement A social structure emerges...

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How will your alpha dog fit in at dog daycare?

Want to know if your alpha dog likes daycare? Alphas have particular personalities that sometimes intimidate other dogs. Meaning that sometimes, daycare is not the best activity for them. But in other cases, alpha dogs can lead the...

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Dog Beds: How to find the best dog bed for your dog

There are a number of things to consider when choosing a bed for your dog. With so many great options available, how do you know which one to choose? Or which one your dog will even like? First, pay...

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Follow these 5 steps to pick the best dog-friendly hotel

Opting to travel with your dog can present myriad challenges from long flights to unfamiliar surroundings, but choosing a place to stay should be easy. Just look for the “dog-friendly hotel” indicator on the website, right? Actually, a...

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