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Sincerely, Fitdog

How pop culture has influenced our understanding of dogs

For many people who grew up in homes where pets were not allowed, their first interactions with animals may have been through a song, a storybook, or a movie. Perhaps you grew up watching Toto tease the wicked witch and came to...

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Health & Wellness

The benefits of dog recovery cones

Most dog owners will probably have to help their pup through the awkward challenges of wearing a cone at some point. While it's sad to see your pup wearing this overbearing headdress, it is the best option to...

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Beat Boredom

Doggie DIY: Turn old t-shirts into a rope toy

The next time you feel like purging your closet, consider making a DIY t-shirt rope toy for your pup! This project takes about five minutes, repurposes old clothes, and gives your dog a new, exciting gift without breaking...

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12 dogs that made Christmas movies better

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Russell nipping at your toes. Yuletide howls being sung by rottweilers, and corgs dressed up in human clothes. Whether you're traveling or staying put for the holidays, you can enjoy one...

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8 days of Hanukkah gifts for dogs

If there's a special dog in your life expecting a visit from Hanukkah Harry this year, then you've come to the right place. We rounded up the most adorable Hanukkah gifts for dogs and compiled them here for you! ...

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