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Valentine's Day

The most dangerous holidays for dogs

Every year in the weeks surrounding Halloween and Christmas, the APCC receives hundreds of calls regarding dogs ingesting foreign bodies, like toys, chocolate, or candy wrappers. Therefore, most of the dangerous holidays for dogs are stacked up at...

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Beat Boredom
Food & Diet

Summer dog treats you can make at home

Summer is the perfect time to whip up some homemade treats for your pup. A frozen treat is a great way for your dog to get extra healthy fruits and vegetables into their diet. Here are some healthy...

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Health & Wellness

Signs of dogs overheating & how to treat heat exhaustion

As the temperature rises, so do the risks of dogs overheating and experiencing heat exhaustion. Dog owners of Southern California have to be extra cautious during the summer months to keep dogs cool and happy. Whether your dog has...

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Health & Wellness

Dogs can catch colds, too.

Find out how to be a proactive pet parent during illness outbreaks. A recent canine flu outbreak in Chicago has infected 1,500 dogs with influenza, killing six dogs and leading to the closure of two shelters and one daycare....

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Health & Wellness

6 Kennel Cough Facts Every Pet Parent Should Know

Kennel cough, is a common respiratory disease in dogs and is transmitted dog to dog through airborne droplets.  Despite being so common, we find that many pet parents really don't understand what it is or how to prevent...

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