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What to bring on a camping trip with your dog

Camping is a time for catching fireflies, hanging by a campfire with friends, and enjoying the great outdoors. When taking your beloved pup camping, it is important to be prepared, especially during your dog’s first time. Here are...

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How to keep your dog’s water bowl cool in the heat

This summer is going to be another hot one! As much as we welcome the sun and fun, it is important to remember that the heat can be tough on your dog. Dogs can easily overheat and the...

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Dog lover gifts for Mother’s Day

Is your mother a dog lover? From key chains to personalized wine bottles, to adorable socks, we are sure your mom will love these gifts! This Kate Spade Dog charm is absolutely adorable! Your mom can put it...

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Featured in Huffington Post

We’re so excited to announce that our co-owner, Andrea was featured on Huffington Post in their HuffPost Parents section! In her article, she discusses how to introduce your dog to your baby and the importance of showing your...

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Bringing your new dog home

The first few days after bringing your new dog home are extremely exciting yet critical for your new pet. In these first few days, you will be establishing what the rest of your time together is like. Your dog...

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