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Sincerely, Fitdog

Meet Phoebe! Our Fitdog of the Month for June 2024

This month we are celebrating Phoebe as our Fitdog of the Month! This happy and intelligent chihuahua mix always knows how to make our day better. Here's everything you need to know about our June Fitdog of the...

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Health & Wellness

Dog Hiking Etiquette: Ensuring a Safe and Enjoyable Experience

Located near the picturesque Santa Monica Mountains in Southern California, our dog daycare is nestled in a region that offers ample opportunities for outdoor adventures, including hiking with your furry companions. You might be familiar with standard hiking...

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Health & Wellness

Is a raw food diet right for your dog?

Raw food diets are becoming increasingly popular, but they are no new concept. Raw diets are similar to the original doggie diet because the hounds of yesteryear hunted and ate raw meat on the regular. Dogs' bodies are made...

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Health & Wellness

Puppy Socialization: Why your dog needs it

The common thinking is that puppy socialization needs to wait until dogs are older and all vaccines have been given.  Yet countless studies have shown early socialization is essential to healthy puppy development.  In fact, the American Veterinary...

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Sincerely, Fitdog

Spending the Holidays with Fitdog

Everything you need to know about boarding your dog at Fitdog over the holidays. Booking Your Holiday Stay OVERNIGHT All of our overnight dogs are provided with a private space to sleep and eat. We do not use our play area for...

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