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Health & Wellness

A comparative guide to flea medication for dogs

Picking a flea medication for dogs can be overwhelming. From collars to topical treatments to more holistic approaches, it seems that everyone has different opinions on which medication is better for keeping away these pesky parasites. Summertime is prime...

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Food & Diet

A sneak peak at our summer menu!

With the warm summer months fast approaching, we wanted to treat our club members to some cool treats in order to jazz up our Mini Bar menu. We're so excited to announce that our Summer Menu will become available...

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Beat Boredom

Dog Sports: Surfing

This month, it's all about dog surfing! Surfing has a rich history in Southern California, and the Santa Monica area specifically. It would only make sense that locals make sure everyone can enjoy the family beach day. At least,...

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Just for Fun
Sincerely, Fitdog

Fitdog Five: Five ways you can help shelter pets beyond adopting

April 30th is National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day! While not everyone has time, space, or funding for a pet, there are several other ways you can help shelter pets beyond adopting. Photo by Sasha Sashina on Unsplash 5 ways you can help...

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For homeless pets, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is a vital second chance

Last updated March 6, 2019. Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is the actual happiest place on Earth. This 3700-acre property located in Kanab, Utah allows companion animals to get a second chance at a meaningful life. Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is nestled in Angel...

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