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Beat Boredom
Food & Diet

Summer dog treats you can make at home

Summer is the perfect time to whip up some homemade treats for your pup. A frozen treat is a great way for your dog to get extra healthy fruits and vegetables into their diet. Here are some healthy...

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Caring for Dog
Daycare / Pet Sitting

5 Dog Play Styles – The Good, The Bad and The Dangerous

Dog play styles vary widely among dogs, but we see these 5 forms of dog play most often at Fitdog. Some look scary but are actually safe while others seem benign, but can lead to trouble. Dog play styles...

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3 reasons why less active dogs enjoy daycare

You might wonder if your laid back or people-orientated dog will enjoy daycare. Here are 3 reasons why less active pups not only like dog daycare but also thrive in it. 1. Social Engagement A social structure emerges...

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Beat Boredom
Dog Training
Health & Wellness

Great activities for hyperactive dogs

Many dog owners seek out a daycare option for their pet in order to ensure their pup receives plenty of exercise and socialization while they’re away at work. This is smart thinking. Unfortunately, dog daycare isn’t a good...

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Valentine's Day

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with your dog

Spice it up this Valentine’s by swapping out your dog’s every day with something more amazing! Celebrating Valentine's Day with your dog doesn't get better than this. Instead of: a Bath Try: a Doggy Massage Okay, seems over the top,...

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