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DIY Holiday Dog Cookies!

The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year and full of tradition. For many families, one of these traditions is getting together and baking delicious holiday cookies. Like any dog lover, you want your dog to be...

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Sincerely, Fitdog

Why we should be thankful for all types of service dogs

There are so many types of service dogs to be grateful for! Dogs enhance our lives, love us, and inspire us to be better people. While we're grateful for all dogs, there are those who go the extra mile...

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Fitdog Five: 5 products to keep dogs safe at night

With winter comes shorter days and longer nights. This likely means your after-work stroll around the block will probably take place after dark. Luckily, you don't have to be in the dark about keeping dogs safe at night....

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Just for Fun

Our Halloween Fun with a Pet Psychic!

Happy Halloween! Have you ever wanted to know what your dog is thinking, or how he really felt about certain things? We wanted to get in the "spirit" of Halloween, and thought, what would be more appropriate than...

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Dog Training
Sincerely, Fitdog

Cardio Tricks Class – Interview with the Trainer!

Fitdog is proud to introduce a new addition to our class offerings - Cardio Tricks! It is led by the very talented Szashe Rowland and begins weekly on October 2nd. We recently sat down with Szashe so that...

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