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Did you know separation anxiety affects over 15 million dogs and their owners in the U.S.?


Separation anxiety often leads to destructive behaviors, excessive barking, and indoor accidents, leaving both dog and owner feeling frustrated. But with the right training and support, this challenging issue can be effectively managed and give you and your dog peace of mind.


Getting Help

Work with a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainers (CSAT) who is specifically trained to improve your dog’s symptoms and quality life by following a proven and collaborative program. The Trainer approaches each dog experience uniquely and tailors the program for your dog.

While there may not be a “quick fix” for separation anxiety, there is a way forward.


The program uses systematic desensitization to safely expose dogs to absences while keeping them from experiencing any panic.  The goal is to keep your dog feeling safe and to prevent any destructive behaviors from happening to your home.


Virtual Instruction

Separation Anxiety training is most effective when done remotely, within your own home and with the use of video technology. It allows the trainer to observe your dog’s natural behavior and give immediate, real-time instruction. In addition virtual provides scheduling flexibility and access to a certified expert regardless of where you are located.

How it works

Getting started is easy. Click here to schedule your discovery call.


1. Discovery Call

Free 30 minute discovery call. The Trainer will explain the Separation Anxiety program and learn about you, your dog, and your goals.

2. Initial Assessment

In a 90-minute Zoom session, the Trainer will virtually tour your home and observe your dog’s behavior during absences. Afterward, you’ll discuss observations and create a personalized plan.

3. Personalized Mission Plans

Receive tailored steps to desensitize your dog to absences four days a week, lasting 20-30 minutes each. The Trainer will provide feedback after each mission and offer daily email and text support.

4. Weekly Reassessment

Every week, the Trainer will review your mission progress and provide real-time feedback. In the meeting, you’ll discuss progress, address any questions or concerns, and plan the next steps.

Discovery Call – Free

30 minute meet and greet and to review separation anxiety program details.

Initial Assessment – $300

90 minute virtual assessment including walk through of your home and behavioral observations.

Custom Program – $1,200 ($300/week)

Includes 4 weeks of missions, feedback, and support tailored to you and your dog plus
weekly re-assessment and meeting.

Debunking Common Separation Anxiety Myths