Loose Leash Walking

Master your daily walking routine with this comprehensive workshop


This 4 session workshop focuses on improving on-leash walking skills. The trainer uses positive reinforcement and incentive based training methods. Dogs are instructed in different locations offering a variety of distractions to help reinforce training in real world settings. Sessions are one-on-one training with your dog.

Who is it for?

This workshop is for dogs that need one-on-one training to top behaviors such as pulling, reactivity (lunging and barking) or excessively marking on-leash. This program is not designed to address aggressive behaviors such as lunging or barking with an intent to hurt other dogs or people.

Before You Start

Interested? Set up a consultation with one of our amazing trainers. Consultations for workshops are complimentary and offered on Fridays by appointment at the Fitdog Club. Contract us at (310) 828-3647 or send us a request.