Fitdog Training

Los Angeles-based dog training programs and workshops lead by experienced dog trainers and designed to produce lasting results.

Training Philosophy
Training Philosophy

Using reward-based techniques is the most effective way to shape dogs’ behaviors through healthy, positive associations.


Daily exercise allows dogs to focus and be more attentive during training sessions, improving training results.

Real world application

All of our training takes place in real-world settings such as neighborhoods, parks, cafes, malls, and hiking trails so it’s applicable to your daily life.

Choosing the Right Program


Your dog stays with a trainer to zero in on behavioral and obedience concerns, receiving consistent training and feedback throughout the duration of the program.


Our two week day training program focuses on obedience foundations, puppy essentials and advanced obedience. Your dog will go home at night and have a break on the weekends.


These four-session training workshops are an affordable way for your dog to get one-on-one training and to target specific training problems or learn new skills.

Getting Started

All of our programs require that you meet with a Trainer to discuss your concerns and goals for your dog. Consultations for workshops are free.

Consultations for our training programs are 1-hour and $150. If you move forward with a program, the amount is applied towards the cost of the program.

Need help deciding which program is right for your dog?

Call us at (310) 828-3647. One of our training specialists will walk you through your options.

What Clients are Saying

We approached Jeff at Fitdog to help solve some territorial aggression that our dog, Luna, was displaying in and around our apartment. It was clear that Jeff knew what he was doing and would be able to help Luna with her issues. After spending two weeks in daily training sessions with Jeff, she has shown incredible marked improvement. I would highly recommend Jeff - he has been nothing short of amazing!

Bennet S., Fitdog Member

Jeff is fantastic!! I was initially reluctant to embark on the training process. However, training with Jeff is the best thing I could have done for my dog Herman and for myself. He clearly cares about the dogs and is able to make them the best versions of themselves all the while they are having an amazing time!!

Rachel L., Fitdog Member

Felipe and the Fitdog team were more than accommodating in figuring out the best plan for my dogs by incorporating the sports activities into our schedule. Now both my dogs go out on weekly hikes, and they both have such happier bodies and minds! My experience with Fitdog has been beyond positive. . . will hands down recommend them to anyone!

Callie N., Fitdog Member

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