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Easy to book, outdoor adventure, dog sports and training classes in Los Angeles

Our Story

After owning and operating a daycare facility for nearly a decade, we noticed that some dogs were just not suited for the daycare environment. We realized that owners needed better options for their smart,  highenergy pups. So in 2017, we started designing classes so dogs could attend sports and adventures during the day – without you when you can’t take them. 


  • • It’s as easy as booking dog walking
  • • Offers more structured socialization than daycare
  • • Makes training affordable and accessible
  • • Plus, our classes give dogs the mental stimulation and engagement that you know your dog needs


Contact us to find out how you can incorporate fun and exciting classes into your dog’s schedule. 

Types of Classes


Adventure outings give dogs much needed time in nature plus a high intensity workout.



Dog sports, like nose works and agility, are reimagined into fun recreational classes for all experience levels.


“Drop-in” dog training classes make obedience training engaging for dogs and more accessible for you.

Dogs Get More
Skill-based Exercise
New Experiences
Positive Social Interaction
Mental Stimulation
Obedience Training
Why Fitdog?

So many reasons but here are a few.

  • We keep a 7:1 dog-person ratio in all our  adventure classes so Sports Leaders can reinforce training, leave the trails clean, and have full control over the pack.
  • Classes are hosted in vetted locations around Los Angeles, including dog-friendly hiking trails, Pet Food Express, and Centinela Feed and Pet Supply.
  • We don’t believe that dogs are gigs. We hire experienced dog lovers and professionals to lead our classes.
  • All of our Sports Leaders go through months of training before leading classes.
  • Our entire fleet is equipped with Samsara, so we always know where our teams are in real-time.
  • All dogs are assessed for sociability, recall, and fitness. This ensures your dog is surrounded by friendly fellows and is attending the right classes.
  • Our dog trainers are certified in the area of their expertise. So while our classes are recreationally formatted, you are getting competitively certified dog trainers.
How It Works
What People Are Saying

Rome has turned into the dog I’ve always wanted, and I have Fitdog to thank for that.

Katrina M.

It’s amazing! We always love seeing Enzo on the adventures . . . Thanks for taking such good care of him.

Harlinah K.

Our dog Penny loves hiking with Fitdog and the app has made signing her up even easier! We especially love seeing the pictures and other information that gets uploaded to her snapshots (we love knowing that she is a "pack leader”)!

Katy C.

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