Jorge first joined the Fitdog team as a Dog Care Attendant in 2015. He was promoted to Team Lead in 2017 and left Fitdog in 2018 for school. He came back to Fitdog in 2021 and was given the role of Sports Leader and has been leading our pack's daily excursions since returning.

Jorge's favorite activity to lead is the Adventure Hikes. He loves working with dogs because they're such great companions, and because they can make any bad day better.

When Jorge isn't working, he's interested in listening to history podcasts and hanging out with his three dogs.

Jorge leads our Canyon Hikes, Beach Excursions , and Pack Adventures.
The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.
Mark Twain
At the foundation of every good relationship is trust, communication, and respect. Our leaders will work with your dog to establish a respectful and trustworthy relationship, making your dog more receptive to training and guidance.