Annabel joined the Fitdog Sports Team as a Sports Assistant in 2019. She quickly proved her passion and capability for the job, earning her position Sports Leader at the beginning of 2020. Prior to working at Fitdog, she was a dog walker.

Annabel's favorite activities to lead are the Beach Excursions and Pack Adventures because she gets a chance to play with the dogs off-leash. She loves that dogs don't need much to be happy, and how they take life day by day and enjoy the little things.

Outside of work, she loves playing the French Horn, frisbee, and watching Netflix with good beer and food. If she was a dog, she would be a Shiba Inu because of their keen sense of independence, headstrongness, and loyalty.

Annabel leads our Canyon Hikes, Beach Excursions, and Pack Adventures.
Dogs need to live forever