Dog Sports

Outdoor adventure and recreational dog sports and training classes

Types of Classes

Canyon Hikes, Beach Excursions, Agility & More Learn more about our classes.

Dog sports, like nose works and agility, are reimagined into fun recreational classes for all experience levels.
Hiking & beach outings give dogs much needed time in nature plus a high intensity workout.
Our "drop-in" dog training classes make obedience training fun and accessible.
Enhancing Dogs' Lives
Skill-based Exercise
New Experiences
Positive Social Interaction
Mental Stimulation
Obedience Training
Happier dogs make better companions

We know you’re busy. That’s why dogs participate in recreational sports classes during the day while you’re busy. Dogs are picked up and dropped off at home, work, or daycare. Classes are led by one of experienced leaders and certified trainers at vetted locations throughout Los Angeles, like Centinela Pet Feed.

Our classes allow you to give your dog the mental stimulation, exercise, and enrichment they need to live a happier, healthier life and be a better companion for you! Learn more about our classes.

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