Fitdog Classes

Dog sports classes are a healthy alternative to daycare, walking, and most importantly, boredom.

What is it?

Kind of like drop-in gym classes, but for dogs. We pick up your dog so they can attend regardless of what you’re doing.

We offer three types of classes: 

Dogs navigate obstacle courses, learn new skills, and improve physical fitness.
Dogs explore dog-friendly beaches or hiking trails in intimate pack settings.
Dog training is broken down into foundational components to give dogs a boost in specific areas, making learning fun and engaging for participants.
What Your Dog Gains
Skill-based Exercise
New Experiences
Positive Social Interaction
Mental Stimulation
Foundational Obedience
Why You Need It

The short answer: Your dog is bored.

The long answer: Dogs that spend too much time alone or don’t receive adequate stimulation during the day are prone to anxiety, depression, destructive tendencies (chewing, digging) and obsessive behaviors (barking, reactivity). At the very least, yours may have the case of the “zoomies” every night.

Our classes offer an easy way for you to enrich your dog’s life and to reduce or eliminate many of these behaviors. We promise your dog will be tired and happy when you come home from work.

How It Works
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In 4 quick steps, you'll be ready to book your assessment and on your way to creating an amazing life for your dog.
Schedule a sports assessment
We want our dogs to be safe, so all dogs are assessed for temperament and sociability at your home, followed by a recall assessment on the hiking trail.
Reserve a Class
Classes are available by neighborhoods and booking can be as easy as 1 click.
Pick-up & Drop-off Included
Create and store your preferred pick-up/drop-off locations (e.g. home, office, daycare, Fitdog HQ) for future bookings.
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