Future of Dog Care

Revolutionizing the way your dog spends their day

Outdoor excursions, agility, dog training classes & more

Kind of like drop-in gym classes but for dogs. Pick up and drop off is included so your dog can attend when you’re working or busy.

Three types of classes:

Dogs learn to navigate agility courses, jump through hula hoops, and doggy paddle. All dog training classes improve mental health and physical fitness. In other words, happy dogs.
Dogs run, play, and explore at dog-friendly beaches or hiking trails in small groups. Excursions offer high intensity exercise and will surely make even the most active dogs tired.
Dog training classes break down training into foundational components to give dogs a boost in specific areas, making learning fun and engaging for participants. Led by certified trainers, dogs get training for a fraction of typical hourly rates.
Happy Dogs
Skill-based Exercise
New Experiences
Positive Social Interaction
Mental Stimulation
Foundational Obedience
Stop Destructive Behavior

When dogs don’t have an outlet to channel their energy or focus, they can become depressed and anxious and exhibit destructive behaviors. This is because while we have moved our lives to an urban setting, dogs still have the drive to work, herd, fetch, and lead. And before now, there hasn’t been a way for dogs to engage their working instincts in a way that is fun and recreational.

Fitdog offers dog training classes and adventures that let you give your dog the life they deserve while you’re off being awesome.

Adventure classes such as dog hiking, agility training, and swim safety are now more accessible than ever for dogs of Los Angeles. Since we know owners are busy, we have a pickup and drop off service so your dog can attend class while you’re at work. Your dog benefits from small-group social interaction, fun and stimulating activities, and plenty of exercise. Therefore, your dog is happier and able to be a better companion. And most importantly, your dog is able to enjoy a healthier, longer life alongside their favorite person: you!

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