Reliable Recall Series

Improve your dog's recall under various situations and distractions

Level I
Must be social and have good temperament
Age: 5 months+
Westside & West LA

Recall class teaches your dog to come to you (and other people) regardless of the situation. Building consistent recall is a multi step process where dogs start off in quiet or low distractible environments like your living room or a structured class and then build up to highly distractible environments like the dog park or beach.


Reliable Recall (Level I)

Prerequisites: Good temperament &  sociability 

@fitdogsports We are always working on impulse control in our pack obedience class! Does your dog have what it takes to ignore meatballs and other temptations? Let us know in the comments 🧡 #dogtraining #dogtrainer #losangeles ♬ sunet original – Raluca Dumitru


Dogs work solo and in groups to improve recall in an indoor, structured class. Each class rotates through the focus areas and also on your dog’s improvement areas and slowly increases distractions based on your dog’s progress.

As your dog advances, trainers increase distractions and difficulty such as walking past “temptation stations” with toys and yummy treats such as Costco meatballs.


Recall at the Park (Level II)

Prerequisite: Reliable Recall and Adventure Hike Assessment



Dogs go to Virginia Park to work on recall at the park. Public areas such as parks offer many distractions such as bicyclist, sports, other dogs and animals, traffic and more.

Dogs work on a long lead starting off at shorter distances and working to the full length of the 50-foot lead.


Recall at the Beach (Level II)

Prerequisite: Reliable Recall and Adventure Hike Assessment



Dogs head down to Huntington Dog Beach to work on recall in a beach environment. The beach is a wide open space, with dogs playing ball off-leash and swimming as well as many sensory inputs such as sand, birds, water, etc.

Dogs work on a long lead starting off at shorter distances and work to the full length of the 50-foot lead.


Recall Training Cues

Trainers use and reinforce the same cues across the series including:

  • Sit
  • Wait
  • Place
  • Touch
  • Look
  • With Me
  • Come or Here
  • Focus
Requirements for Off-Leash Activities

At Fitdog, we offer off-leash beach excursions, hikes and park outings. In order for dogs to qualify for these activities, they need to demonstrate 100% reliable recall in all situations for any person. For example, your dog could demonstrate consistent recall at home but may be unable to recall around lizards or squirrels on trail.

The recall series allows dogs to experience various situations and work across different trainers and leaders so they come back regardless of the situation.


To achieve access for off-leash activities, dogs must attend the following classes and then the trainers and leaders must agree to promote your dog to the next level.


  • Reliable Recall 
  • Adventure Hike Assessment
  • Recall at the Park 
  • Recall at the Beach


Some dogs may be able to breeze through these classes without issue and move on to off leash level quickly while others may have to spend more time in one or more areas.

Certain dogs may never be ready for off leash activities such as dogs with high anxiety, high prey drive or those that resource guard or are toy possessive. If you have a dog with these characteristics, we recommend signing up for day training program to give your dog more one-on-one time with the Trainer.  Click here for a Trainer Consultation.



West LA
Pacific Palisades
Playa Vista
Group Enrichment Classes

Group enrichment classes are dog-only and includes pick up and drop off around the Westside and West Los Angeles.


  • Proof of vaccinations (Rabies, DHPP, Bordetella, Canine Flu and Lepto) must be provided before first class.
  • Dogs need to be outfitted with collar and tags. If you do not have a collar, we will provide one for you for $15.
  • We highly recommend harnesses for when dogs are clipped into the van. Related: Safety Harnesses
  • Dogs must have good temperament and be social with both humans and dogs.
  • Spay/Neutered after 6 months.
  • Enrichment classes are 90 minutes and include pick up and drop off.
  • Classes can easily be booked online.
  • Vans and driver safety are tracked in real-time.
  • Training Partners are certified and experienced.
  • Trainers prepare a snapshot of your dog’s training during class including notes, photos, and videos.
  • If you chose to drop off, dogs can stay for daycare for only $25.
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