Reliable Recall

Our dog obedience training class enables you to live life with your best friend by your side

Must be social and have good temperament
All breeds
Pick up / Drop Off Included

Recall is the most important component of dog obedience training. Dogs with solid recall can enjoy life off-leash, once they learn to stay by their owner’s side and respond to calls.

In this dog obedience class, dogs participate in interactive games that teach or improve recall. We’ll admit that recall does not sound exciting. However, we created this class to be fun, engaging and exciting for the dogs while also improving their recall skills.

Skills Taught:

  • Sit-stay
  • Recall with motivation (treats, toys, squeaker)
  • Recall with name
  • Recall with distractions
  • Go to spot
  • Look at me
  • Socialization with handler



Recall is the most important skill a dog needs in order to be safe. It is also a mandatory skill for our off-leash classes.

  • Increases confidence
  • Builds foundational skills
  • Improves focus and attention in distracting environments
  • Increases on and off-leash safety and prevents negative behaviors such as bolting

Dogs not only benefit from improved recall skills after this class. Rather, they also learn how to play mentally and physically challenging games. Not to mention that learning new skills and being positively rewarded boosts confidence and is fun for dogs. We give you plenty of feedback to continue reinforcing good habits through your dog’s life and even provide pictures of your dog in action.


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