Pool Safety

Dog swimming class that goes beyond your basic doggie paddle

Dogs should be social and have basic obedience.
All breeds
Some breeds may require life vests

Pool Safety is a dog swimming class that gets dogs comfortable and confident around bodies of water. This is a step-by-step learning process that requires patience and practice. But soon enough, your dog will be a swimming master!

Our trainer starts slow in order to get your dog used to the water. Slowly, she introduces your dog into the pool and guides them closely so they get used to the sensation of water. In addition to learning swim techniques, your dog also learns how to safely enter and exit the pool. Once your dog is confident in the water, they can let loose and have fun playing fetch, swimming and splashing with friends. After each class, you get a report card with notes on your dog’s progress and awesome photos of them at Pool Safety.

This class takes place at the trainer’s private home.

Why do dogs need swimming class?

Unfortunately, drowning is all too common a cause of death among dogs. And while many people assume dogs are born knowing how to swim, it is a skill that requires learning and practice. By enrolling in dog swimming class, your pup can comfortably enjoy being around water. Plus, you have peace of mind knowing that your dog is well-equipped and prepared to swim ashore!


All dogs can benefit from this class:

  • Owners with pools who want their dogs to be safe
  • Dogs that love to swim
  • Dogs who need to learn how to swim
  • Dog that are fearful of the water
  • Dogs that need to learn how to enter and exit the pool
Get Started

Interested in signing up for our classes? First, create an account online.

Once you’ve created your account, you will be prompted to book an at-home assessment for your dog. We test dogs for temperament, sociability, and recall. This way, we can ensure all our dogs can safely enjoy activities.

After the assessment, the team will assign your dog an access level based on their recall level.

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