Pool Safety

This dog swimming class goes beyond the basic doggie paddle

Level 0
Dogs should be social and have basic obedience.
All breeds
Some breeds require life vests

Do you want your dog to learn how to swim?

Pool Safety is a dog swimming class that gets dogs comfortable and confident around bodies of water.

Swimming is a step-by-step learning process that requires patience and practice. But soon enough, your dog will be a swimming master!

First, our trainer gets your dog comfortable with having their feet in the water. Slowly, she introduces your dog into the pool and guides them closely so they get used to the water.

In addition to learning swim techniques, your dog also learns how to safely enter and exit the pool. Once your dog is confident in the water, then they can let loose and have fun playing fetch, swimming and splashing with friends.

Why Fitdog?
  • Positive Reinforcement | No prong collars, punishing, or e-collars. 
  • Van Safety | We track all our vans and driver safety with Samsara. 
  • Trained Employees | Our Sports Leaders are experienced, trained employees who go through months of training before leading excursions. 
  • Small-Group Packs | We keep a ratio of 7:1 dogs to instructors for best safety practices. We never overcrowd classes. 
  • Snapshots | You get to have in on the fun, too! We send you photos, videos, and notes about your dog after every class.
  • Easy Online Booking | Book through our app, customize pickup and drop-off locations and get in touch with just a click. We’re here for you!
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Pool Safety - FAQ

Can I attend?

No, we designed our classes so dogs can get enrichment even when you are busy. We pick up from home, work, or daycare.

How long will my dog be gone?

Dogs are away from home or office for 3 to 4 hours depending on the pick up and drop off routes.

Where does this class take place? 

This class takes place at our trainer’s home in Encino.

What if I can’t afford every day?

Our classes provide much-needed enrichment, so even if your dog only goes once or twice a week, they will benefit from the added exercise and simulation.

What kind of follow-up can I expect?

After class, you will receive a snapshot including photos and notes of your dog’s daily progress.

Does this class take place year-round?

This class does not take place in the event of rain or if the temperature dips below 60°. While the dogs don’t so much mind the cold weather, our trainer does! You will be personally notified if you’ve booked this class and it gets canceled.

Unfavorable weather conditions
Natural Disaster
Thunder & Lightning
Rainy Conditions
Winter Temperatures
Upcoming Classes
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