Pack Etiquette

Pack Etiquette teaches dogs group socialization and positive behaviors

Dogs must be social and have a good temperment
All breeds

Just like humans, dogs learn to socialize through their interactions and what their parents encourage. Pack etiquette is a dog training and socialization class to help dogs learn how to socialize in a pack setting.

Skills Taught: 

  • Look at me
  • Sit-stay
  • Leave-it
  • Heel
  • Impulse control
  • No jumping
  • Redirect behavior
  • Loose-leash walking in a group
  • Loose-leash walking solo
  • Social cue reinforcement


Who is this class for?

This class is designed for dogs that have had limited socialization. However, this class also benefits dogs who have difficulty responding to obedience commands while in a group. Additionally, it’s a great prep class for Canyon Hikes & Beach Excursions.

  • Increases confidence in social settings
  • Enforces and builds skills
  • Modifies behavior in distracting environments
  • Teaches foundations of obedience training
West LA
Pacific Palisades/Malibu
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Once you’ve created your account, then you will be prompted to book an at-home assessment for your dog. This assessment takes place at your home before a Canyon Hike. We test dogs for temperament, sociability, and recall. That way, we can ensure all of our dogs are sociable, safe and happy. If your dog is friendly and gets along with the pack, they head out on the trail with our team.

Your dog will be dropped back off after the hike. At that point, our team assigns your dog an access level based on their recall level, and answers any questions you have.

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