Low Impact Hike

Our Low Impact Hike ensures dogs can participate regardless of age or physical ability.

Level I
Dogs must be social and have good leash skills
All breeds
Pick up / Drop Off Included

We know all dogs can benefit from spending time in nature. Low Impact Hikes were created to accommodate those dogs either not ready to join the regular hiking pack or who just need a slower pace. Sports Leaders select less rigorous trails and take more breaks during the hike so every dog can participate.


Just like people, dogs need to work towards their physical fitness goals.

Our Low Impact Hike was created for dogs that are either beginning their fitness journeys, such as puppies, obese dogs, or dogs new to hiking. This class is also ideal for dogs that can’t participate in a rigorous hike anymore such as senior dogs or dogs recovering from sports injuries.

If your dog has never been hiking or you have a dog that use to be active, but has slowed down, this is the class for your dog.

West LA
Pacific Palisades/Malibu
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Interested in signing up for our classes? Create an account online.

Once you’ve created your account, you will be prompted to book an at-home assessment for your dog. This assessment takes place at your home before a Canyon Hike. For safety, we test dogs for temperament, sociability and recall. If your dog is friendly and gets along with the pack, they head out on the trail with our team.

After the hike is completed, your dog will be dropped off and the team will assign your dog an access level based on their recall level.

Unfavorable weather conditions
Extreme Heat
Thunder & Lightning
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