Fun & Fit Agility

All the passion of pro-level agility, but much more fun

Level I
Dogs must be social and have a good temperament.
Treat motivated dogs

Fun & Fit Agility challenges your dog to learn, navigate, and complete a regulation agility course. Your dog learns to master the weave poles, seesaw, tunnel and jumps like a Westminster champion. Classes are led by our Sports Leaders and Trainers at an indoor facility in West Los Angeles.

Fun & Fit Agility is great for dogs of all experience and skill level. First, our Leaders help your dog get familiar with the equipment’s terrain and movement. Your dog is then led through the course and rewarded with high-value treats. Over multiple classes, dogs gain speed, strength, and nimble skills. At the end of each class, you receive a snapshot including photos and notes of your pup’s progress, and your dog is tired and happy.


Agility is a fun, stimulating activity for all dogs. Participants channel their energy by running through the course multiple times per class in different variations. Over time, your dog gains confidence, speed, and agility skills. Even dogs who are agility pros still enjoy taking this class because once they’ve learned the course, they still get the fun and satisfaction of a job well done.

In addition to the physical benefits of this class, dogs use their mental capabilities to memorize and navigate obstacle courses. Having an element of mental stimulation makes dog’s workouts more comprehensive and fulfilling. Because dogs get to flex their mental muscles, it gives them a place to focus their minds other than being destructive.

Dogs who benefit the most?

While all dogs can enjoy Fun & Fit Agility, high-energy and working breeds especially benefit from the combination of mental and physical exercise. If your dog has endless “zoomies,” loves to turn your house into a jungle gym, loves puzzles, or exhibits destructive tendencies when left at home alone, we definitely recommend this class for you!

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Interested in signing up for Fun & Fit Agility? First, create an account online. Once you create your account, you will be prompted to sign up for a Sports Assessment. All Sports Members complete this assessment to determine temperament, sociability, and recall. (And to help us make sure all of the dogs are safe.)

After the assessment is completed, you can then sign up for classes online, choose pick-up & drop off locations and watch your dog flourish as they participate in sports activities.

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