Canyon Hike

Small-group dog hikes in Los Angeles provide results worth wagging about

Level II
Basic obedience and on-leash walking skills required
All breeds

Join our pack for small-group dog hikes in Los Angeles! Experienced and vetted Sports Leaders guide our packs on 4 to 6 mile hikes in the Santa Monica Mountains. We encourage dogs to explore trails, play fetch, and mingle with friends.

Packs are created based on dogs’ personalities, skill level, and location. Sports Leaders are assigned a trail based on weather and trail conditions. Some of our favorite trails include Sullivan Canyon, Kenter Canyon, Mulholland, Kenneth Hahn and Griffith Park. After everyone is picked up, the pack heads out to the trail. In between trekking, there is plenty of fun, play, and a mid hike snack break.

After the hike, you will get pictures of your pup in action including progress notes on your dog’s day. Snapshots are posted on your dog’s profile and sent to you via email.

Dogs who have demonstrated excellent recall get off-leash privilege on permitting trails. However, your dog can still enjoy Canyon Hikes on-leash, too. Safety is our top priority, so we will keep dogs on-leash during hikes until they prove solid recall abilities.


Canyon Hikes offer positive, small group socialization and medium to high-intensity exercise. Not only does your dog get an awesome physical workout, but they also benefit from being in nature. Spending time in nature is proven to reduce stress and anxiety. By essentially giving your dog a job to explore and navigate a hiking trail, they get the satisfaction of completing a highly rewarding task.

Who benefits the most?

High energy, intelligent, working breeds benefit from hiking over other forms of socialization.

Hikes are also great to mixed into your dog’s schedule especially if they are bored from their daycare or walking routine. By adding two hikes a week, we find dogs are reenergized.

Playa Vista
West LA
West Hollywood
Pacific Palisades/Malibu
Beverly Hills
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Interested in signing up for our classes? First, create an account online.

Once you’ve created an account, you will be prompted to book an at-home assessment for your dog. This assessment takes place at your home before a Canyon Hike. For safety, we test dogs for temperament, sociability, and recall. If your dog is friendly and gets along with the pack, they then head out on the trail with our team. After the hike is completed, you will get an update of your dog’s assessment and snapshot of your dog having a blast.

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