Beach Excursions

Dogs have a blast at the beach during this small-group excursion

Level II
Dogs must have strong recall in order to participate.
All breeds
Pick up / Drop off Included
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Does your dog love playing in water or enjoy going on beach excursions with you?

Boredom is the leading cause of behavioral issues. Beach Excursions provide socialization, exercise, and fun to revitalize and relax your dog!

Join our pack for a morning adventure to Huntington Dog Beach! Our Sports Leaders take small groups to the beach to play fetch, splash in the waves, and roll in the sand.

Recall Requirements

One of the best parts of the Beach Excursion is the chance to play off-leash. For this reason, we require all Beach Excursion participants to have solid recall before going. If you want your dog to improve their recall so they can attend Beach Excursions, check out our Reliable Recall class!

Why Fitdog?
  • Positive Reinforcement | No prong collars, punishing, or e-collars. 
  • Van Safety | We track all our vans and driver safety with Samsara. 
  • Trained Employees | Our Sports Leaders are experienced, trained employees who go through months of training before leading excursions. 
  • Small-Group Packs | We keep a ratio of 7:1 dogs to instructors for best safety practices. We never overcrowd classes. 
  • Snapshots | You get to have in on the fun, too! We send you photos, videos, and notes about your dog after every class.
  • Easy Online Booking | Book through our app, customize pickup and drop-off locations and get in touch with just a click. We’re here for you!
Playa Vista
West LA
Beach Excursions - FAQ

Can I attend?

No, we designed our classes so dogs can get enrichment even when you are busy. We pick up from home, work, or daycare.

Can my dog participate?

We require all dogs to have Level III access so they can be off-leash at the beach.

How long will my dog be gone?

Dogs are away from home or office for 3 to 4 hours depending on the pick up and drop off routes.

Who are the sports leaders? 

All of our Sports Leaders are employees who go through months of training before leading excursions or classes.

What if I can’t afford every day?

Our classes provide much-needed enrichment, so even if your dog only goes once or twice a week, they will benefit from the added exercise and simulation.

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