Beach Excursions

Dogs splash, dig, and play fetch at the beach!

Level II
Dogs must have strong recall in order to participate.
All breeds
Pick up / Drop off Included
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Join our pack for a morning spent at Huntington Dog Beach! Our Sports Leaders take small groups to the beach where they play fetch, run along the shore, and splash in the waves. However your dog likes to enjoy the beach, they will love coming along for a Beach Excursion. Have your dog picked up from Fitdog, your house, or office for a day full of fun!

Recall Requirements

One of the best parts of the Beach Excursion is the chance to play off-leash. For this reason, we require all Beach Excursion participants to have solid recall before going. That way, we can assure all dogs can safely enjoy the beach off-leash and stay close to the pack. If you want your dog to improve their recall so they can attend Beach Excursions, check out our Reliable Recall class!


Dogs benefit from high-intensity exercise and small group socialization. Water or retrieving breeds particularly enjoy swimming in the ocean while terriers love to dig in the sand.

Our pickup and drop off service make it easy for dogs to participate. Simply customize your pickup and drop off locations when you book the class so your dog can attend while you do your own thing.

In addition to the physical and spiritual benefits of a day spent running around the beach, your dog will also be exhausted and completely content after a Beach Excursion. Plus you’ll get amazing shots of your pup in action.

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Once you’ve created your account, you will be prompted to book an at-home assessment for your dog. This assessment takes place at your home before a Canyon Hike. For safety, we test dogs for temperament, sociability, and recall. If your dog is friendly and gets along with the pack, they head out on the trail with our team.

After the hike is completed, your dog will be dropped off and the team will assign your dog an access level based on their recall level.

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