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Beat Boredom

How to get rid of doggy boredom this summer

With their owners out and about on fun summer vacations and doing hot-weather activities, it’s easy for pups to get bored at home. Dogs are extremely resourceful when it comes to alleviating their own boredom — they’ll start...

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3 reasons why less active dogs enjoy daycare

You might wonder if your laid back or people-orientated dog will enjoy daycare. Here are 3 reasons why less active pups not only like dog daycare but also thrive in it. 1. Social Engagement A social structure emerges...

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Why dog daycare should not be your dog’s primary source of exercise

One of the most common mistakes dog owners make is not giving their furry friend enough exercise, which can lead to boredom and potentially neurotic and destructive behaviors. In fact, many owners mistakenly rely on dog daycare as...

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Dog Training

Dog Training 101

Whether you are bringing home a new dog or training your existing dog, we put together our top obedience tips every dog should know: 1. Make your training sessions short and sweet Dogs tend to have a low level of...

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Caring for Dog
Health & Wellness

Dog Allergies: Interview with Nelson Weiss, DVM

Dog allergies often kick into overdrive as things begin to bloom in the spring and our pets can be at risk, too. It’s not just plants that cause allergies. Dust, new foods, or even their favorite human can...

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