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6 Kennel Cough Facts Every Pet Parent Should Know

Kennel cough, is a common respiratory disease in dogs and is transmitted dog to dog through airborne droplets.  Despite being so common, we find that many pet parents really don't understand what it is or how to prevent...

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Follow these 5 steps to pick the best dog-friendly hotel

Opting to travel with your dog can present myriad challenges from long flights to unfamiliar surroundings, but choosing a place to stay should be easy. Just look for the “dog-friendly hotel” indicator on the website, right? Actually, a...

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Dog Allergies: Interview with Nelson Weiss, DVM

Dog allergies often kick into overdrive as things begin to bloom in the spring and our pets can be at risk, too. It’s not just plants that cause allergies. Dust, new foods, or even their favorite human can...

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Great activities for hyperactive dogs

Many dog owners seek out a daycare option for their pet in order to ensure their pup receives plenty of exercise and socialization while they’re away at work. This is smart thinking. Unfortunately, dog daycare isn’t a good...

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How to prepare for bringing your dog to work

Ever visited a workplace where dogs roam the hallways or peek out from beneath desks? Did you also notice the employees’ big smiles or maybe the low-key vibe? Studies have shown that bringing a dog to work can...

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