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Dog Training

The difference between obedience and behavioral training

When you get a dog, nobody gives you a guide on how to navigate pet parentdom. Unless you have a really nice friend who gets you a Dogs for Dummies book, you're likely left scratching your head at...

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Just for Fun

How Pit Bulls went from widely loved to marginalized, bullied and banned

It's no secret that pit bulls have an unfavorable rap. But how accurate is their representation in the media and among people in general? History shows that these dogs were bred in the 19th century for farm herding and family...

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Beat Boredom

How to prepare for your dog’s first hike

Getting ready for your dog's first hike can be like sending the kids off to school for the first time. Both nervous and exciting, it is a memorable and novel experience. While dogs might have the four-leg advantage...

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Just for Fun

Fitdog Asks: Your Favorite Breeds

Back in August, Fitdog asked for your favorite dog breeds. While we (obviously) love all dogs, we were curious about what our followers had in mind for their favorite dog breeds. The results are in, and they may be...

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Health & Wellness
Just for Fun

Big dogs – a growing trend

“Go big or go home” is what dog owners are saying today. The trend of owning larger dogs continues to grow. Some BIG facts: Dog ownership has grown 29% in the past decade About 37% of households own a larger breed of...

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