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Beat Boredom

Dog Sports: Mushing

Header photo via LA Times Every month, we highlight a different sport that dogs can easily participate in to keep them engaged and happy. It's true that most of these sports have origins outside our everyday realms. However, you...

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Food & Diet

Doggie DIY: National Dog Biscuit Day

Today is National Dog Biscuit Day (yes, that's a holiday) so we went on a quest to find the best doggie biscuits on the web that you can make at home. Whether your dog like sweet, savory, creamy,...

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Caring for Dog
Daycare / Pet Sitting
Health & Wellness

Five Myths About Dog Daycare

With so many myths about dog daycare on the internet, it's If you're considering taking your dog to daycare, but you've heard some unsettling stories from the ethers of the internet, you've come to the right place. It's hard...

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Valentine's Day

6 LA dog date destinations

If you own a dog, you've already got the perfect date lined up. Add a beautiful city like Los Angeles into the mix, and you've got an entire day's worth of scenic destinations to make for the best...

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Dog Training
Sincerely, Fitdog

How to make your dog’s training last

By Andrea Servadio, the co-founder and owner of Fitdog. Post updated on 1/2/2020.  This year was the ClickerExpo’s 15th anniversary and my first time attending the expo. We went on Friday with the goal of meeting trainers and identifying...

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